Don’t get used to these daily posts – during “normal life” (which is quite the wind tunnel around here), updates will generally be two or three times a week. But this link was just too good to pass up.

Literary agent Rachelle Gardner has a guest blogger this week, Chuck Sambuchino, who is hosting a rather fun competition. Prize is the 2012 Guide to Literary Agents and a free – get this, FREE – query review.
The competitive part? Submitting the worst storyline EVER for a potential book or movie. I mean, it has to be bad. Laughably bad. In 60 words or less. Each person can submit up to two entries, and all you need to provide in terms of identity is a name and reliable email address.
I’m not going to pass up the opportunity for a potential free query review, especially as this is a priority that will be staring me in the face within a matter of weeks. So I jumped in the pool with everyone else.
My two entries are as follows:
Marley sets out to fulfill his lifelong dream of having his rock
collection on permanent display at the Smithsonian Museum.
And my personal favorite:

Nibs the vegetarian butcher works to put things right after
a misunderstanding with the local mortuary leaves him with
a huge debt, a reticulated python and a lifetime supply of spam.

Interested? Good. You have until just before midnight of October 3rd to join the fun. For more info, and to post your own madcap ideas o-so-easily, just click here.