OK so I did all right today. I navigated three back to back quarter exam reviews on four hours of sleep, and only a ten minute lunch break. I didn’t throw anything, I remembered to answer to my name when called, I remembered (most of) my students’ names, and I didn’t snore during the grammar quiz. But by the time I got to the halfway “break time” in my two-hour American Experience class, I was just about babbling, I was so tired. As soon as I dismissed the kids for their break, I promptly sat down on the floor and stretched out. Just to rest my eyes, y’know.

Immediately one of the students turned out the lights in the room, and they all tiptoed out, shushing each other and giggling, hoping I would actually fall asleep and they’d be off the hook for the second hour. Had several thoughtful offers to loan me nice hoodies or jackets as a pillow so I would “be more comfortable.” You’ll be proud to know that I resisted the temptation. (Students were disappointed, though.)