Barring any snowstorms or shiny distractions, I and my students, plus all the brave chaperones, are now on our way back from our big weekend road trip. I’m typing up this post before the trip itself, but I will say it in good faith based on previous experience: we had a great time, and wouldn’t have traded it for anything. I really do have the best students EVER for these sorts of adventures. If you’re going to pile into a bus and head off for an interstate road trip — these are the kids you want for traveling buddies.

As a writer, however, this means I am now four days behind on NaNoWriMo. All you energetic creative types have been blitzing away at the keyboard, adding steadily to your word count, while I’ve been playing the Pied Piper to my own traveling Hamlin.

And even though I’m typing this well in advance, I know my Future Self well enough to know that I’ll be both eager to get back to my manuscript – but also exhausted, and tempted to do nothing but sleep till Thanksgiving.

So do me a favor — comment here, or email me, or send me a tweet if you’re on Twitter, and tell me to get a move on!! We’ve only got nine days left!!!

ONLY NINE DAYS! Are you ready? How are you doing with your word count?