It’s the end of the week. I’m still running a bit ragged (and exhilarated) after my big NaNoWriMo writing adventure. A lot of you are, too. Many of us made our word counts, a lot of us didn’t. Either way – it is all a win, even if NaNo only pushed you a couple thousand words into your next big project. Or maybe you bailed because NaNo was enough to show you that your great literary work actually lies elsewhere, down a wholly different garden path.

So here we are in December: the month of NaNoWriMo Fallout. This is when we gather together, look at what we have (whether it amounts to 50K words or not) and say: “All right, then – what next?”

There is an abundance of NaNoFeedback circling the blogosphere just now, and more is showing up in my Twitter feed every day. I have some great ideas for “what next” posts that I plan to air as early as next week, including a great editing tip that I stumbled across just tonight. But I’ve also run across some great blog posts on the winningness of NaNo, despite (or because of) an anemic word count. Two I discovered just yesterday:

Lost NaNo? Feel Bad? Turn It to Your Advantage, by Daniel Swensen

Winning Without the Word Count, by Sean Madden

As a reminder of how vast our collective writing legacy truly is, I highly recommend you also check out The Email That Launched NaNoWriMo, by Chris Baty.

Be sure to check back this weekend for my usual “wacky weekend link”; and above all – keep on writing!

~ Angela