Today has double significance for me, in terms of my writing trajectory.

Anniversary #1: My blog is officially three months old today. With 35 members, almost 4000 hits, and readers from across the globe, I am downright pleased – even shocked – at how my first foray into blogging has unfolded for me. I still have a long way to go, and a LOT to learn, but so far the blogging challenge has been right up my alley. If you are reading this now – I thank you. Even if you don’t leave a comment or click the “join this site” button, your readership matters. Thank you for reading.

Anniversary #2: On this day a year ago, I had a crazy idea for a book – which I saw through to completion in just under one year. Never mind that most established authors say that a story idea should go from “aha!” to “let my editor look at this” in three to six months. Heretofore I have spent literally years spinning my wheels on one project or another, never finishing anything. The first manuscript that I did finish was in June 2010, after several years of getting hung up in the opening chapters. It’s inception? Twenty-five years earlier. There is no excuse for that.

To take an idea to completion in just under a year is a personal record for me. Not only that, but I got through about a third of the sequel during NaNoWriMo this past November, which means I now have plenty of material to complete the proposed series that is running around in my head.What started off as a silly daydream while driving home from a post-Christmas dinner with friends last year has turned into a vibrant tale with a life of its own. Hopefully it will be a legacy that future reading audiences will love.

So….I am very pleased with 2011, at least so far as my writing is concerned. I won’t hazzard a guess of where I’ll be at this time next year; but I certainly hope that “queries to agents” will be among the “finished” lists for 2012. There is always room to grow, after all – and hopefully that growth will continue as it began: gradually and with steady footing, and a wonderful online community of readers and writers to see me through.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if there is anything you think 
I can do to make the blog more engaging, pertinent, or user-friendly.