Oddment #1

OK – so this weekend link isn’t quite as silly as most I put up here. But I do wish I had known about it last weekend, to post it in honor of New Year’s Eve. Despite my belated discovery of it (thanks to the Fly Casual blog!), I decided to go ahead and post it anyway.

Also, I had NO IDEA that Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt could sing like this. Just sayin’.


Link courtesy of YouTube.

Oddment #2:  

On brainpickings.org last night I read a lovely compilation of writing advice from the literary greats. It’s a great post – you should totally check it out. Embedded therein, however, was another gem which I could not resist posting here (full credit goes to brainpickings, of course):

This should be a word of encouragement to all writers out there – no matter who you are.

Write on!!!