It might have come to your attention at some point in your travels or perhaps therapy, 
that the evil laughter of trolls tends to destroy one’s resolve. Completely. 
As in, obliterated, scraped together, burnt and scattered about the ocean.

– McKenzie Barham, The Tales of Highschoolia

So I’ve been fighting trolls myself lately, of one sort of another. And I don’t think I’m alone. 2012 has gotten off to a rotten start for a lot of people. But I am pleased to announce that there are many troll hunters alive and kicking in the blogosphere, and I am here to point you some of my favorite troll warriors out there. Especially those who battle the trolls that thwart a person’s creativity. (I’m totally there. Are you?)

How to Banish a Troll: Sometimes the biggest troll in life is procrastination. Then doubt, then second-guessing, plus any number of self-inflicted injuries. For the best way to banish a life-eating troll, I recommend you look up Angie Richmond of Write Me Happy, and her 22 Things Creative Challenge. Go check it out and be challenged – and encouraged – to break out of your creative paralysis and get it done, alongside other likeminded souls.

Writing Trolls: Surly Muse has been dealing with creative trolls as well, and has put out some slam-bang awesome posts dealing specifically with those trolls that plague a person’s writing, plotting, and creativity – not to mention the ugliest troll of the bunch: criticism. Especially when criticism comes in batches, and conflicts with each other. Need that sort of troll-ish help?  Check out his fantabulous musings here.

Trolls of Academic Proportions: Spontaneous whimsy is hard to capture, but fun to read when it is done well; and that is what McKenzie Barham has done with her spontaneously generated anecdotes about life in the hilariously confused kingdom of Highschoolia. (I swear she just pulls this brilliance out of her left ear without thinking. It’s fabulous.) Go check out her blog and get your FDA-approved double scoop of whimsy for the day – which, as the above quote indicates, centers on the dastardly troll with “the second most evil laugh in all of Highschoolia.”

A Troll of Another Sort: I had a troll-ish encounter of my own over the last few weeks, as my BlackBerry slowly succumbed to bad RIM-related issues. By the time I upgraded to a new phone (*kisses her new iPhone fervently and sings the hallelujah chorus*) my BlackBerry could no longer tell time correctly, let alone knew what time zone I was in. Oh – and I couldn’t make phone calls either. For a self-employed gal with three jobs — that’s a problem.

It was such an issue that I told one of my students that whenever I replaced the BlackBerry, he was welcome to destroy the offending cell phone in any way he saw fit. Well, that happy troll-bashing took place today.

Below is the result of a solid hour’s honest demolition – first with a hammer, then with more meticulous tools, as the guys in my class became engrossed with how a cell phone is actually put together.

This is what was left after the guys scavenged all the cool parts they wanted to play with.
The camera and the individual keys from the keypad were, apparently, gold.

The funniest part was when, at the end of all the dismantling, they scooped all the parts together, handed it to one of my girls with a roll of duct tape, and told her to reassemble it.

She gave it her best shot, but threw the whole thing away before I could get a decent photo of the amazing troll zombie. 🙂

Of course, even without a battery and most of its keys – it probably would have worked better than before.

Even with (or perhaps because of) the duct tape.

What’s your troll story? Tell me in the comments below!

Don’t forget to check out the fabulous blogs mentioned above!