Another 5 Sentence Fiction!
Don’t know what I mean by that?
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     I stood over the tiny coffin, fingers knotted through a small linen dress – worn only once – and tried to ignore the well-meaning neighbor speaking platitudes in my grief-deadened ears. 

     Why won’t she go away? 

     I had held it in for as long as I could – for my husband, my mother, for my little Wills, who couldn’t understand why “sissy” had to “go away.” I wanted to go away – follow my Katie through the Veil and care for her there, if I wasn’t allowed to do so here. This nightmarish Duchess from Wonder-less-land, with all her useless morals, needed to go away before I lost it here, where everyone could see.

Wow. This isn’t exactly traditional Easter fare, is it?
Somehow that’s just where the writing prompt took me.
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Thanks for reading!

(and Happy Easter!)