OK. Here’s a little something that I would like to make a weekly event, if there’s enough interest. My intention is to help my fellow writers jumpstart their writing, wherever they are – because of course we all get stuck. All. The. Time. (Especially if you’re like me.)

Below is a visual dare, such as I’ve given in the past. You can use this photo in one of two ways:

     * incorporate it into your current Work In Progress – literally, or figuratively
     * use it as a 100 word flash fiction to get the brain going in a different creative direction.

Either way – it should thwart the writer’s block doldrums, at least a little bit.

Give it a try! Feel free to post your creative responses to the prompt in the comments below (if it’s 100 words or less, plus personal comments, of course!).

Here’s your dare:

Photo by: Tommy Nease

Where does this take your writing – even for a short burst?
Let me know in the comments – in summary or 100 word excerpts!

Looking forward to hearing from you!