…and puppy-dog tails. That’s what an Angela’s life is made of. 🙂

Things have been in overdrive here lately. What with the approaching end of the school year (three more weeks!), editing two manuscripts, playing with ideas for two more, lining up employment for summer and so on – there’s been so much going on that the world looks a bit blurry to me at the moment.

And then there’s the school play.

Next Friday and Saturday, my students will perform a slightly truncated version of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. They’ve worked so hard on this, and my set/prop class has worked like a bunch of maniacs to make sure that Bottom’s mask, Oberon’s crown, the fairy forest (complete with purple mushrooms!), and fairy accessories are ready in time for the performance.

A blurry photo of a semi-dress rehearsal. Taken very hurriedly as I was trying to do five 
different things at once. Get a load of Bottom’s mask, dead center. The white noise next
to him is Titania, the fairy queen. (Typical for a fairy – won’t let herself be photographed.)

I spent this afternoon putting the lettering on the big book of plays that Bottom and his cronies rehearse from, for the “play within a play”. Yesterday’s task was spray painting paper maple leaves black, for Oberon’s crown. Somehow I managed to do all this without covering myself in black spray paint or white letter stickers.

So….doing better than average, I’d say. 🙂

On the writing front…..

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw tons of tweets for a couple weeks about the merged manuscript I’ve been editing, a.k.a. the #babywalrus.

A victorious screencap, taken on the last night of editing. That sentiment rather sums up 
my initial reaction to the merged manuscript: This thing is huge!

To recap: I had two manuscripts that dealt with the same storyline, but from opposite ends. I merged them. Once combined, I had a behemoth manuscript that clocked in at 246,100 words. Over the course of roughly two weeks, I cut it down to just over 123,000 words.

For those of you who don’t like math – that means I cut it dead in half. Serious stabbylove going on there, but boy was it worth it.

I’m currently taking a two week hiatus from working further on it, by delaying all additional rewrites and scene inserts until after the school play. But after next Saturday – it’s on.

I still hope to have a reasonable draft to field by a small group of select beta-readers in mid to late May. If I can wrap my lesson plans for the rest of the school year in short order, I just might be able to swing it. We’ll see.

And on a fairyish note….

If you haven’t heard about it already, Anna Meade and SJI Holliday are running a fantabulous flash fiction contest through next Sunday. I posted my entry earlier this week, and there have been a deluge of amazing entries to read and catch up on. If this is all news to you – hop over to my “unexpected fairy tale” to read not only my entry, but follow the links to read all the other entries. Details of the contest are included.

And if you haven’t entered yet – I encourage you to do so. Last is not synonymous with least, in the world of writing!

Thus ends a quick update from the creative world of Angela….what about you?
What creative projects – of the writing sort or otherwise – are YOU working on?
Got a plan? Got a goal? Let me know in the comments!