So, apparently my students are not only gifted actors, with loads of creativity, but some of them can write very well. Also, apparently more of them peek in on my blog than I originally thought.

A couple days ago, I got the following email from one such student:

Dear Miss Goff, 

I was looking at your blog the other day and I saw the picture you posted of Venice, and a few minutes later a story-ish type thing popped into my head. I wanted to post it to your blog anonymously, but it wouldn’t let me and since I don’t have an account, I couldn’t post it that way either. So it is with profuse apologies for the lack of competence in writing anything that I send you the story through an E-mail.

Your slightly-annoyed-at-self student, 


No, “Nonnie” is not her real name. I just gave her the name Nonnie because she wants to remain anonymous. Anonymous. Nonnie. See? (Yes, I know. I’m very clever. Ha.)

Of course, I’m not one to discourage any budding writer, but when I read the 100-word flash fiction Nonnie had put together from last Wednesday’s prompt, I thought “Oh goodness. I need to post this.” And because I think this gal is talented and needs a real shot in the arm, I’m posting her flash fiction here, in her own post, with last week’s photo prompt:

How long had he slept? A year? A century? It didn’t matter. They hadn’t called him yet. He had awakened only for air. “It feels like so long.” He thought. “Have they lost need of me?” Slowly he rose out of the warmth and the dark into the cold light where the humans lived. His great lungs filled with the foggy air. He was tired, and getting cold. They didn’t call him even then, so back into the warmth of the waters he sank, resting for when they needed him. 




Feel free to leave comments for Nonnie below!