WOW I haven’t done one of these in a while….but when Lillie McFerrin posted this as the weekly Five Sentence Fiction prompt – I had to have a go at it. Like many of my writing cohorts, I’ve had faeries on the brain for as long as I can remember.

And because I’ve been immersed in Visual Storyboarding lately, with much help from my friend Pinterest ~ here is the photo I had in mind as I dashed out this little entry (below photo), for this week’s topic of:


West of the icy lake there was a windfall of broken firs, and there I fled like a tormented animal. From my snowy march earlier in the day, I knew the trees had fallen round a tangle of old barbed wire fencing, and hoped the wicked metal would rout the little demons.

Puncture wounds and a little rust-burn made no difference to me, if it would restore my sanity.

I burrowed through the snow into resin-scented shadow, scrabbling at the wire, feeling the barbs catch at my skin as I cringed against the hypnotic voices that wormed into my ears:

We sing your blood and lick your bones
       And glance between your ribs and toes
                To know what makes you fear and cloy
                         And what will drive you mad with joy…