WELL. It has been busy here on the flash fiction front lately, eh? First Lillie’s Five Sentence Fiction, then Write For Ten, and now — my first EVER entry for Cara Michael’s Menage Monday challenge!

I usually work “from can to can’t” on Mondays, so I’ve never been able to participate before. But tonight I got home with an hour to spare before the deadline, so I squeezed this one in on time.

For the uninitiated: The Menage Monday challenge takes a photo, a phrase or sentence, and a judge’s prompt and puts them all out as the prompt. The challenge is to make all three of them work in no more than 200 words, no less than 100.

Tricksy, yes?

Here’s my first pass at such a daunting challenge. But first, the trio of prompts:

The photo: 

The phrase: “This is not normal.”

The judge’s prompt: Tell about the time you beat the devil at his own game.

And now….the story that includes all three:

“Twisted Wishes”

Noraleen had two objectives: to repaint the limo ASAP, and ditch the damn fairy. Who asked him along anyway? And aren’t fairies all girls? This is not normal.
“So – antacid is your favorite color, yes?”
Noraleen glared across the limo at the creature she now considered her personal demon. He balanced over the bar, sampling each bottle, growing cockier with each sip.
 Youpicked the color, you bat-winged twit. All I asked for was a way to get my sister to prom.” My sister, who never gets anything nice because it’s all used up before it gets to her.
            “Yes, we’ll get to her. Eventually.”
            The limo sped along the highway. With any luck, He-Tinkerbell hadn’t screwed up her first wish. Hopefully Sara was already trying on the prom dress Noraleen had wished for her.
            “Decided on a third wish yet? Three to a customer, y’know.”
            The limo turned down a gravel driveway. My driveway. Noraleen peeked at the driver. He looks human. If not, I have a license. You don’t need a CDL for limos, right?
* * *
            Everyone loved the silver “twisted fairy” torc Sara wore with her dress.
            No one more so than Noraleen.
196 words