Time for another Five Sentence Fiction entry for Lillie McFerrin’s weekly challenge!

This week’s challenge: COMPOSURE

Mary stared out the rain-washed window, glassy eyes boring into the lightning-streaked torment. Her father stood at the door, waiting for an answer to his thundering question: Your bridegroom is here – have you killed Gowan yet?

“Last night,” she said after a thunder-wracked silence in which she did not so much as twitch. 
“Drowned ‘im in the river, so no one else can have ‘im.”

“Good,” said her father, turning back down the hall, adding: “Now dress for your wedding – 
we won’t have the Lord of Kildori waiting all night, now will we?”

* * * * *

NOTE: I got this idea from an old folk song called “Step It Out Mary.” 
There are many incarnations of this song, but I was first 
introduced to it via the band Boiled in Lead.
The sad part of this song? Knowing the legacy of folk tales,
it very likely happened, in some form or fashion.

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