Time for another Five Sentence Fiction entry for Lillie McFerrin’s weekly challenge!

This week’s challenge: SCARLET

NOTE: I always make it my personal challenge to write about the prompt without ever using the word itself. Usually that’s not too difficult for me — but this time, it was a challenge. I’ll let you judge whether or not I was successful.

Through the wash of stained glass the room appeared almost throbbing, a tableau so intense that everything within it seemed wounded and raw. Light bled across the ornate furnishings, stealing their original beauty while infusing a macabre richness to every texture and polished surface. 

The phonograph alone was revealed as a thing of beauty. A delicate flower of tinfoil and lacquered rosewood, it blossomed on its white stand, now tinged with anemic health in the cascading light. Alone and untouched it played as the handle wound down, pulling the needle through the final bars of “Maple Leaf Rag.”

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