All righty. I am so NOT a zombie kind of girl. Or I say I’m not.

Well….maybe I am. A little.

For one thing, I recently read Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel, and – surprisingly – enjoyed it. A lot.

For another, Lillie McFerrin posted ZOMBIE as the current Five Sentence Fiction prompt – and of course I had to rise to the challenge. Out of my love for the 5SF community, of course.

Grammatically, I’m not sure if this really counts as five sentences….but I used only five periods, and I’m not a horror writer, so I’m going with this one.

The photograph is an actual snapshot of some damaged mannequins from Madame Tussaud’s following a fire at the famous London waxwork museum in 1930.


After the fire they were lined up against the wall, a macabre mess of waxwork finery, transformed by heat and smoke into something gorgeously horrific, disturbingly lifelike as they had not been before.

When they were asleep, thought Dooley as he made the night rounds, trying in vain to ignore the voices that swelled as he passed by: whispers of hunger and blood, arguments over which dismembered hand would feed which severed head.

Dooley stopped cold as a mannequin with no hands looked him up and down with hollow eyes.

“Nothing like a good smoke after a long nap,” it said, and then the hollow eyes fixed intently on him, and a sickening smile writhed across its cry: “Dibs on the porker!”

Dooley watched helplessly as the grisly company rose en masse and turned their steps toward him.

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