To celebrate, she’s allowing the use of any prompt from the past year.
So….of course I had to go and check out the very first prompt, as I thought it appropriate 
to somehow bring it all full circle – and a delicious prompt it was!!


It happened before – it can happen again.

Nolan sat in the empty theater and played till his fingers bled – played and bled and scraped and played, till even the custodians gave in and left, abandoning him to his frenzy.

She had appeared once before – when he hit that chord, plucked the strings that way, elevated his soul to just such an apex of ecstasy and passion – and there she was, stepping out of nothingness into his astonished vision, while the notes died away and his blood surged volcanic in her presence.

No one else saw her, and no one else knew the lilting voice that chased him through unbridled performances to darkness and thin air – but Nolan did not care; he would play himself dry for, if he captured anew that same urgent ecstasy, she would reappear, and he would follow her wherever she bid him go.

It happened before – it can happen again.

Thanks for reading!