Yoiks!! I almost missed out on this one – I’ve been so busy prepping for NaNoWriMo that Lillie McFerrin’s new prompt almost slipped by me entirely. Fortunately for me, I obsessively check her blog every few days – just to make sure.

Oh – and since Anna’s Behind the Curtain flash fiction contest is only recently ended, and because so many people asked such excellent questions about my entry with Lenuta and Stelian, I decided to play with that storyline idea a little more.

Who knows? Once Welsan is in the bag (during NaNoWriMo? I hope?!?) Lenuta may be the next episodic story I post here. Maybe. We’ll see…

The current prompt is: DETOUR

I love that the columns hide any potential doorways on either side…

Before her and behind her the corridor ran on, each distant archway fading into featureless black, and only the dripping water to be heard anywhere. The place felt musty and old, as though the very pillars around her were arthritic bones that wanted only a little weight to make them groan and collapse.

Somewhere in this mildewed throat of age and memory was The Circus, waiting for her on pins and needles, because she was the missing piece. Stelian had said so – therefore it must be true; though why she should trust his word now after that whole lie about the circus ticket was beyond her.

Because I have no choice, Lenuta groaned inwardly, as she stepped carefully down the dripping hall, listening at each fissure and blank wall for the door she hoped was there but would, she feared, only pull her deeper into her nightmare.

Thanks for reading!!