The door to Welsan’s world is open….for a little while longer.

Oh, my. What a melodramatic title for a blog post. Still – I couldn’t think of anything more succinct that carries the same weight (or won’t think of it until after this blog post goes live and it’s too late to correct anything. Murphy’s Law!)

But yes, this is about Welsan – wonderful, wonderful Welsan whose story began quite by accident in June of this year. What started as a spot of five sentence fiction for Lillie McFerrin’s weekly writing challenge quickly turned into a quirky, pseudo-magical, Gothic mystery about a soul-reaper, a soul-weaver, a shadow-breather and a glass-blower whose lives end up tangled together in intricate and unexpected ways.

This was my original photo inspiration for the character of Jada.

So where does this take the story?

Well – NaNoWriMo is upon us; and what this means is that Welsan is most assuredly my NaNo project for November. The great thing is that, at the time of my typing up this blog post, he is sitting at around 17,000 words and the momentum is only building from here. I’ve got most of my main scenes anchored down, and will spend NaNo filling in the blanks and even possibly – here’s the crazy part – barreling ahead into a second book of what is shaping up to be a nicely dark trilogy about our four friends.

Seriously – are you going to really finish this?

Absolutely. Welsan is distinctly real to me. He has a background, a future, and an oh-so-shark-infested present (figurative sharks, not literal ones, heh). His world has texture and traditions, cultures and rituals, superstitions and stick-in-the-mud habits. There are beasts and birds and stranger creatures who have yet to make an appearance. His entanglement with Jada grows more complex and deliciously frustrating by the day.

And the episodes? When do we get more?

Ah. Yes. Now we come to it. Allow me to say first that there are still some episodes forthcoming, for a little while longer, at least; but after NaNo Welsan’s part on this blog will have to change.

Why? The answers are, as you might guess, many-layered; and if you are a writer yourself hoping to get published at some point, you’ve probably guessed at a few of them.

I am running into some difficulties in posting a lot of Welsan episodes right now. This is for several reasons:

     1. Copyright issues. Yes, I have every reason to expect that all you lovelies checking in on Welsan are honest and upright and won’t steal my ideas. Still – it is 2012 and the “copy and paste” routine is a little too easy for a lurker who hasn’t revealed him/herself. So that must be taken into consideration.

     2. An ever-shifting manuscript landscape. I have had a couple of major “eureka” moments with Welsan lately, which have sharply molded his world into a living, breathing place that I can picture in ways that, frankly, spook me just a wee bit. But while valauble, they have shifted some elements that showed up in earlier episodes. For instance: The last couple posts have had to be heavily edited in order to reflect earlier names or phrasing, in order to not confuse my readers.

     3.  Big goals. Of the getting published sort. So many of you have been SO encouraging and wonderful in your feedback on Welsan, and it is your feedback that has really given him life. But now that Welsan has moved from being a fun side project to a serious “He Has a Fan Base and I Really Believe in This Story, and Besides This Tale Has Too Much Life and Really Needs to Get Finished” kind of project. This means giving Welsan, Jada, Gallows, Hollow-Bones (you’ll meet her next week), the soul-weaver (as yet unnamed), and all their world the sort of meticulous attention it deserves. And that takes time.

     4. Posting large episodes takes away from the life I could be giving the manuscript. The time I spend duplicating a scene I already have in my manuscript could easily be spent on building that scene into the next story arc, or developing the characters a little more. Welsan deserves that kind of loving care.

     5.  Welsan is growing faster than I can post here. (See the previous four points.)

Another of my original photo inspirations.

So what’s the bottom line?

Welsan will still make an appearance now and then – for now. Probably about twice a week till the end of October, and then maybe a cameo appearance or two during November. And then – I am so sorry to do this to his loyal followers – I will need to let him slip into the dark for a while, so that I can finish piecing together what I hope will result in what Welsan’s fans are asking for: the entire mystery, from beginning to end.

So that’s where we are there. I am very sorry for the Welsan fans that will be put out by this news; but I also hope that you understand – especially since my intent is to bring about what you have been asking for all along: a solid novel worthy not only of reading, but of recommending to others – for the pure unadulterated love of a well-told story.

As always – questions, comments and feedback are always appreciated.
Let me know what you think!