Lillie McFerrin has posted another fabulous Five Sentence Fiction prompt this week, and of course with NaNoWriMo nearly upon us I HAD to steal a few minutes to work this excellent prompt into my Welsan tale. Fans of Welsan will know exactly where this falls. If you haven’t met Welsan, you can check him out here.


Welsan held up the bottle and gave it a shake, watching the soul-strands twine and snake through each other in hypnotic patterns. A four soul beserker glass, with all the undiluted violence it entailed – he hadn’t had a windfall like this in ages.

Someone would pay in blood for this, he reflected, and then I could afford that suicide in Fell.

He pocketed the soul-flask again, and considered the road ahead, with its crooked sign announcing: Henduri – 27 miles in badly painted letters.

Let’s see if this trip to the asylum was worth all the effort, he thought, and set off down the road at a brisk pace.

As always, feedback is appreciated. 🙂