This is what happens when you’re sick – but not so sick that you have to lay in bed all day: you catch up on Twitter and on blog posts. At least a little.

Haven’t done a Five Sentence Fiction for Lillie’s wonderful ongoing writing challenge in a few weeks. NaNoWriMo and some other things have gotten in the way.

BUT I’m squeezing one in now before the next Triple Visual Dare goes live at midnight.

It’s very off the cuff, but a tip of the hat to one of my favorite folk tales ever.

This week’s prompt:  FEAST

He said he knew how to make soup from stones, and we all thought he was crazy.
But he kept nagging, until everyone brought something. Just one thing apiece.
The entire village shared from the same pot – with food to spare! – and we all wondered 
why no one thought of using stones before.
Now we dine on Stone Soup every day, while the famine withers the world around us.
As always, comments are appreciated.
Thanks for reading!!