Time for another Five Sentence Fiction with Lillie McFerrin!

I’ve really fallen off the wagon with these lately, so I’m trying to get back into more of a regular routine with the flash fiction – or at least my favorite prompts. (5SF definitely tops the list with me.)

This entry was, again, a bit off-the-cuff for me, and plays with an old time-travel idea for a story I’ve had since college. Not sure how well the original idea works, but Welsan came together through flash fiction, so I guess now it’s time to flesh out Meggie’s story in the same way…hers, and possibly a few other stories to boot. 🙂

The current Five Sentence Fiction prompt is:

The perpetual calendar was round and made of pewter, the numbers and months and years still strikingly clear against the yellowed cardboard, and neatly framed in the carved windows: Friday, March 4, 1877.

“Isn’t it set a bit early?” asked Meggie. It unnerved her to think that she had only to pull the latch to find out – if she had been told the truth, if Thad had calculated correctly, if she could trust Brock with her life (and she wasn’t sure she could).

“Not if we want to get into position in a way that doesn’t draw attention,” said Brock around a mouthful of food. “Either way, you’d better go suit up so you don’t stand out at Edison’s big unveiling – wouldn’t be fair to eclipse history in the making,” he grinned.