ANNOUNCEMENT: Shortly before Christmas, I took a poll, to see which of my most-touted flash fictions would get a life of its own via flash fiction in the new year.

Well….all three entries got an impressive number of votes. Maz looked like he would take an early lead,  and more than a few people were in love with Lenuta and her predicament; but – in the end – Cooper and the Death-Cat won out. (I even had people texting and calling me to cast votes in their favor!)

You can read the original opening to “Cooper and the Death-Cat” here.

At first I wasn’t so sure I wanted to do her story before the others; but as the votes kept coming I realized Beulah Judson’s visitation by her long lost “imaginary” (?) childhood friend on the eve of her death was just too delicious an idea not to play with. (In all honesty, I plan to extend all three ideas  at some point; but for now Beulah comes first.)

So – now it’s time to make good my promise, to myself, if no one else. Lillie McFerrin has posted a new Five Sentence Fiction challenge and it is PERFECT for starting my “flash fiction noveling challenge” with Beulah and her companions for 2013.

And now……………..the beginning of what happens next. The 5SF challenge this round is:


My mental image of Beulah Judson.

The nurse (one Meg Kettles, by name) hovered in the doorway, uncertain whether to chase the cat, find the source of the voice, or retrieve Beulah’s usual meds and push them down her as usual. Midstream of another double-shift with the grandfather clock striking twelve in the hall, Meg was exhausted and only wanted to hide in the staff room and eat dangerous amounts of stale birthday cake from the communal fridge. But the sprightly voice, Moosie’s sudden panic – not to mention Beulah’s odd lucidity – made her pause.

Over her shoulders, light from the hallway streamed into the room, casting an odd shadow at the foot of Beulah’s bed, with knobby arms and legs and a bulbous head, but no discernible source. Beulah stared at the silhouette with a disapproving frown as the blankets beyond her toes began to stir.

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