An authentic blog post? Really?

Yes, and it’s about time.

If blogging has taught me anything in the past sixteen months, it’s that it comes in waves. Some seasons the posts are frequent and sprawling (I posted every weekday without fail for the first five months I had this blog), and then other seasons require attentions and energies to be spent elsewhere (sickness, family, job demands, etc). That’s how Life rolls sometimes, and I’ve learned to be flexible.

I have, blessedly, had sufficient time to continue posting and reading entries for the weekly Visual Dare. The quality of entries based on the quirky black-and-white photos selected from across the web continue to amaze me, week after week. There is some serious talent hanging around the old VisDare tent, I assure you.

(Incidentally: I did post one VisDare a couple weeks ago that somehow ended up with a closing link date of January 2014!! I don’t know how to close it without messing up the current links, so I’m leaving it. So if you’ve never done a VisDare, and want to check out something other than the current challenge, I invite you to add your spin on the notorious unibicycle rider, whom most of my entrants named Leon.)

Meanwhile, percolating in the background, is my current work-in-progress Memento Mori. This is the tale of Welsan that began so spontaneously last summer, and is currently commanding all my creative writing energies. I had one enormous scene to write that bogged me down for two months – literally – and I spent quite a bit of time writing and rewriting it till I got it right.
Or almost right. It’s still very incomplete, but at least it’s on the right track, and sufficiently handled so I can continue on with the story.
The lessons I’ve learned from this journey have been huge. Along the way, I have….
     – deleted over 30,000 words
     – eliminated several characters
     – invented another character I hadn’t anticipated
     – realized I am woefully inept at writing any scene pertaining to military or battle action
     – realized I overuse the semicolon, the smilie and the metaphor with almost obscene frequency
     – learned I’m a more productive writer in early morning (shocker for this natural night owl!)
     – received a thorough and helpful critique of my first chapter
     – given up on ever finishing the book
     – had my hopes restored that the book will be finished, and might even make it to print
As you can see, the last couple months since NaNoWriMo have been a major writing rollercoaster – and that’s without the added pressure of multiple jobs and family obligations thrown into the mix. But I haven’t given up, the journey is still ongoing, and I am learning more about my craft every day.
And no, I haven’t given up – though sometimes I’ve felt like it. Welsan lives on — and now that I’ve pushed through my hideously difficult scene, he’s getting into more and more difficulties with each passing day.
And while getting into trouble makes Real Life a pain, it makes for EXCELLENT storytelling.
The main thing I’ve learned, as the cartoon indicated, is to keep writing. Any writing. (Though hopefully more than mere tic marks on a prison wall.) I’ve definitely focused my energies along that line, and while it doesn’t always surface on this blog, the writing is happening every day. (Or almost every day. You know…)
I hope all of my blog followers are continuing with their own writing journey, whether it’s visible to the internet community or not. Technology is great, but the process of writing is as old as the hammer and chisel. Ancient thinking, ancient methods, new mediums. But it’s still the same exciting journey.
I am delighted to be along for the ride.
What about you? How have you been in your writing journey lately?
Any big news – or frustrations – to share?
Let me know in the comments below!

As always – thanks for reading!!!