SHOCKER…..I decided to participate in another of Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction challenges after a *coughitsbeentoolongcough* hiatus.

And yes, per my New Year’s resolution/promise, this flash fiction a continuation of Beulah Judson’s story. But I won’t tell you how it connects, just yet. Mostly because I’m still trying to figure it out myself. 🙂

The first sentence, I admit, strains the boundaries of proper grammar. But I can’t have six sentences, and I trimmed as much as I dared, and I did this rather off the cuff, so…yeah. *shrug*

Anyway. Here is something that Beulah discovers following her escape, in a curious building called The Conciergerie…

The Conciergerie was a vast, sprawling place, where stairwells sprouted in all the wrong places, and all doors were barred, without keyhole or lock, though light spewed through the blackened ribs that guarded each opening, and scrawled fantastically elaborate shadow-patterns across the floor of the Great Hall.

The murmur of birdsong drew Beulah to one door in particular, and she peeked inside. A pale girl stood inside a tall wire cage, while a kaleidoscope of vivid songbirds clung to the bars and sang to her –  warmly, insistently, with all the joys their lilting voices could muster.

Nothing about the girl indicated she heard anything. Her drawn face and downcast eyes broke Beulah’s heart, even as she scrambled at the edges of the door for a latch, a hook, a bolt – anything she might unfasten so she could reach the isolated waif.

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And as always – thanks for reading!!