Two Five Sentence Fiction entries from me in a row? It must be a blue moon…or something.

This one still is part of Beulah’s story, begun here, and with added scenes of her curious past here and bizarre future here. She’s still exploring the Conciergerie thanks to her not-so-imaginary friend Cooper, but with unexpected results…

The Five Sentence Fiction prompt this week is EMPTY.

Then one day Beulah took a wrong turn entirely, and found herself on the forbidden floor of the Conciergerie. It was all Cooper’s fault, of course — he had insisted on chasing the mirror-walkers in through one looking-glass and out another, so quickly and without warning that Beulah couldn’t keep up with him. She had turned a corner a second too late, and – thinking she was right on Cooper’s heels – took the wrong panel of the tryptych mirror in the web-weaver’s boudoir (who, blessedly, was not home at that moment).

She stepped out, not into one of the myriad locales that made the shifting link of mirror-walk stations, but the cold untiled floor of the forbidden level. She knew it was the one Cooper had warned her about, because all the windows were gone and naught but leaves and crumbled plaster littered the curving hallway that ran quickly out of sight, toward cold wind and slanting light, and the faint sound of clanking metal.

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