OK. I’m putting this one in for all you horror/suspense/ghosty storytellers.

You know the rules – keep it PG and not too graphic (I have lots of younger students who like to visit this page after all) – but even so I want to see what you atmospheric types come up with. Unleash your inner Hitchcock on this one – as you dare!

The original title of the photo (at least that I can find) is: “The Five Ghosts.” I think it was used as the cover of a music album…?

Whether you write about Five Ghosts – or Four – or Two – or Ten Thousand….it’s up to you.

Or use it literally, as the multi-exposed photograph that a skeptic would insist it is.

What do you think? Give this photo a history!!

You have 150 words…..use them well!

(Rules below!)

150 words – or less.
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(Please – no erotica or graphic violence.)
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