Quick post for all my friends!! Two announcements:

#1: The VisDare challenge “Flight of Fancy” is still live till midnight tonight. Something went wrong with the linky tool and it closed early; but you are free to post your 150 words and/or a link to your posted entry in the comments below. Next VisDare goes live at midnight and the link WILL work properly, I promise!

#2: I am currently the judge for another weekly flash fiction challenge this week – Jeff Tsuruoka’s Mid Week Blues Buster. His runs for a shorter amount of time, though – from Tuesday till Friday – so if you’re like me with multiple flash opportunities, write for his first!! Also, unlike my own flash fiction challenge, his prompt is a song — so you have some great creative fodder there, and of a wholly different variety than what I post.

The rules are all posted on his blog here, but they are few and gracious with LOADS of wiggle room for creativity. So go check it out!

That’s it for now — check back at midnight for your photographic VisDare! Till then…..!