WOW. I haven’t done a Five Sentence Fiction in MONTHS.

And the loss has entirely been mine.

If you’re not in the know, allow me to point you in the right direction: My good friend Lillie McFerrin posts a Five Sentence Fiction writing challenge every week and, like the VisDare, it is up for a good six or seven days at a stretch. I wholly credit the 5SF Challenge for breathing life into the character of Welsan, who has taken over my brain for the past year and whose story is now, at last, starting to really and truly take shape.

But that’s for another blog post. The main thing is that I want you to (a) check out Lillie’s 5SF (if you haven’t already) and (b) take a gander at my own entry, for your reading pleasure:


Gretel knew the story of her namesake – a tale of dark twisted woods, the hungry witch, and her ever-burning oven. It reminded her too much of withered Miss Ginger, and her attempts to prevent Gretel and her brother from leaving the orphanage; but whenever she voiced her fears, Hans only laughed.

“We’re not leaving bread crumbs, and we’re too smart for the old shrew – besides,” he added with a wink, “there are no candy houses at any of the zeppelin cities – I checked.”

Gretel gripped his gloved hand tightly as they mounted the gangway onto the zeppelin which hung like a burnished pewter knob at the edge of the Skybridge Docks. She trusted Hans implicitly – and any place was better than the orphanage – but she couldn’t prevent the stutter of her heart as she read the brightly painted letters across the zepplin’s hull, declaring the name: H.M.S. Gingerbread Man.

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