Another Five Sentence Fiction prompt by Lillie McFerrin. I haven’t done one of these in ages – Wheeee!

I make a point to take the most obtuse meaning or application of the word given when I do these, and then write my prompt without directly using the word.

I have no idea where this one came from. It was entirely off the cuff. Comments are welcome though. 🙂

Three days after waking she was still wandering around the asylum and finding no one, nor even a way out. All the windows were shuttered and barred; not a stick of furniture was to be found anywhere; nor was there any hint or promise of food.

Then she wandered into the parlor, where a vast mirror reflected back no counterpart of the devastated room, save for an eerily altered version of herself: gaunt, wild, but without fear, and dressed in a clean white shift as opposed to her own soiled black. Her sister-image beckoned to her, waving her forward.

“Don’t leave,” she said, “or you’ll never find your way here again; and there is so much to see!”

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