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Wow — a Five Sentence Fiction two weeks in a row? I must be getting my mojo back, or something.

This week’s prompt from Lillie McFerrin is: THUNDER.  I stretched the limits of reasonable sentence structure with this one, but here’s my spin on it:

Nolan waited, listening with every straining, taut nerve for the invasion he knew would come. The gothic ruin that straddled the inlet was old and crumbling, but it was all a mask – a place where pounding waters and open spaces veiled a coming storm of soldiers and horses, armor and war engines.

No power or authority in Nolan’s quiet, isolated fishing village could stem the coming war. For one thing, no one believed the account of his accidental voyage through the Arches, and what he’d seen there; and even if they had believed, no one would have comprehended the otherworldliness of that army, or their reasons for invading.

The painful foreknowledge was Nolan’s alone – but so was the promise that the other world had given him; and so he watched the Arches, and waited for the rising storm to pummel through into his world.

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