Another Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin!! I am loving these weekly returns to my first flash fiction love. It’s great to get out of my usual creative box with these, now and then.

Below is my spin on the prompt BEAUTY. I’m not sure where this one came from, or if it really communicates the theme that well; but I fell in love with this photograph and had to use it.


A gem among infants, she was couched deep in a nest of woodland silver: down and leaves and sweet grass, all woven with expert care to keep her warm and safe. Her delicate face was perfectly molded, porcelain-fine and flush with vibrant health.

Shadryn nestled deeper into the fork of the tree, marveling at this exquisite find, a child as rare as the renowned White Opal for which the knights were so desperately searching. Even more precious, she thought to herself, and just as rare. What price would such a face bring, I wonder, if I took her to the Whispering Halls?

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