Welcome to the new website! It was a change I’d been mulling for some time, and was quite overdue, to be honest. Blogger was frustrating me with cascading interface issues. I feel the need to present a more professional online “face.” With so many changes happening right now, both personally and professionally, now is the time to graduate to a smoother, simpler, yet more sophisticated blog.

Obviously it won’t be enormously sophisticated for a while. These things take time. So I apologize up front for any weird banners or headers or drop-down menus that you see, as I learn to navigate all the little behind-the-curtain details needed to make this blog as efficient, informative, and user-friendly as possible.

But the best part is…..the VisDare will return on January 22nd, and it will return HERE. So change your bookmarks and get your thinking cap on, because I have some faaaaaaabulous VisDare challenges lined up!

If you’ve got any suggestions for the website, feel free to let me know in the comments, or drop me an email via the contact page (see tabs).

*waves to all and sundry and scampers off to do more blog tweaking*