If you follow me in the social media world, you know that I’ve been tweeting, Facebooking, blogging, and blathering all week about the upcoming release of Orison, by Daniel Swensen.

Well — IT’S HERE. Finally, you have access to a phenomenal debut fantasy novel that dwarfs most fantasy in general, let alone what is typically seen from an independent press.

“And why are YOU giving it such air time?” I hear you say. “It’s not even YOUR novel! Isn’t this blog supposed to be about YOUR writing journey?”

Well…yeah. But part of my writing journey is watching friends cross the finish line before me, and being deliriously happy for them – ESPECIALLY when I know they’ve got a fabulous book in hand. It’s an encouragement to me, as well as part of the learning curve. Getting to watch a friend win their spurs in the publishing arena teaches me a lot, as well as provides opportunities for me to be encouraging as the Author Life begins to sink in.

So of course I’m still yammering about this book. And I don’t do it lightly.

You see, I have four jobs, and limited time to read, let alone get online and blog, tweet, etc about ANYTHING. So if I spend precious “off time” boosting the signal on ANY book, then you should know I back it 110%. Especially this one.


1. It’s a gripping read with dynamic, original characters who defy the fantasy stereotypes.

2. The magic exudes from and adds to the story, not eclipses it. (No need to study ridiculously complicated family trees or diagrams to follow the plot. I HATE THOSE.)

3. The protagonist, Story, is a smart, gritty, resourceful girl who doesn’t feel the need to sell herself out sexually in order to achieve her goals.

4. Despite the fantastical setting, the characters are all believable, and so are their problems.  I can identify with these people, dragons or no.

Interested yet? Well, it’s available here at Nine Muse Press starting today!

Anyhoo. Why are you still listening to me? Go get your copy! You will NOT regret it.