So a lot of my friends do the “Top Ten Tuesday” thingamawhatchit. But I’m a boring writer, who watches few movies, even fewer TV shows, and my reading list is plain to see – my current Goodreads list is in the side bar of this page, and my reading updates go automatically to my Twitter and Facebook feeds.

But I like to tell stories, and I am always shooting off my observations about things – especially since my work keeps me on the road so much.

SO. Here is my list of….

“Top Ten Things I Learned in the Last 7 Days.”

1. When you ask someone for a restaurant recommendation, 50% of the time they’ll recommend BBQ. (Or, at least they do around here.)

2. It is possible for your health care provider to mail you five completely conflicting pieces of correspondence within a 5 day period, and then claim to not have the slightest clue what was meant by any of them.

3. Some people possess a rare gift for obliviousness, and must be told to come out of the rain. Every. Single. Time. (Including, apparently, my health care provider.)

4. I can read a lot of books on my Kindle while at the gym – but not Sophocles. Oedipus Rex and the elliptical just don’t mix.

5. It is possible to stab yourself with your car keys (accidentally) and leave an oddly shaped bruise that defies explanation – even to people who already know how clumsy you are.

6. Not all Dollar Generals are created equal.

7. A classroom of junior high students, when told that tabbouleh is essentially “salad, Middle Eastern style,” they are not only more likely to try it, but will line up again for seconds…and thirds….and fourths.

8. My laptop battery doesn’t drain nearly as fast when I have the wifi turned off. (I also get a lot more writing accomplished.)

9. Not only does a watched pot never boil, but a watched hotel AC unit never turns on – until after you’ve called the front desk for the maintenance man and have started packing your bag again to move to another room.

10. There’s really nothing like having a long city drive in front of you, and some awesome music on tap that you forgot you had, but unearthed just in time to queue it up in your car for said long drive. And there’s sunshine. And honey roasted cashews. And tea. Perfect.

Yep. That’s a Top Ten Tuesday list, Angela-style. Hope you enjoyed it – or were at least momentarily diverted. Maybe I’ll do another one sometime.

Do any of YOU do “top ten Tuesday” lists on your blogs?