An eight month hiatus…and I’m back in with the Five Sentence Fiction challenge!

Another big thank-you to Lillie McFerrin for tirelessly offering this great, low-key writing prompt each week. If you’re new to flash fiction online, hers is a great starter. It’s how I got my start with flash fiction, and how I met so many writers online that I now call friends.

My modus operandi is to write my five sentences without using the word given in the prompt. So here goes:



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Meggie chose the blank brick wall, far from any of the other exits, and slipped the keyhole locket from around her neck. Holding the chain up against the wall, she waited for the keyhole to swing into a steady position while she fished the corresponding key out of her pocket.

Brock said any wall would do – and he had better be right, she thought.

Scowling, she pushed the key into the suspended keyhole, then gasped as the tumblers clicked into place, opening a latch that she knew wasn’t really there. Fissures ran out through the brick, spiderwebbing from the keyhole into a rough rectangle that popped and whistled as a cold wind snaked through its cracks.


Thoughts? Questions? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!