Another Five Sentence Fiction, courtesy of Lillie McFerrin’s weekly prompt. I cannot tell you how good it feels to be back in the flash fiction mix again.

Here’s my entry for this week:



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Vivian had never known any other life: the freedom to wear what she liked, do as she pleased, and read whatever book caught her fancy. No one scolded her for whittling her afternoons away with in the woodshop, or practicing nautical knots, or poring over archaic maps as though she really could find sea monsters at the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

It wasn’t until the new boy was brought to Portolan House that Vivian realized something larger was at work – that there was, in fact, an ulterior motive to letting her whittle and tie and dream to her heart’s content. That thought, once introduced, stung her like a mild but persistent ropeburn. It goaded her into sneaking about when the adults weren’t looking, hoping she would hear an unguarded word that would help her discover the quiet, nameless expectation that lay behind what had been, to her, an unbroken dream of childhood pleasures.