Another week – another Five Sentence Fiction challenge that I dare not pass up.

Thanks to Lillie McFerrin for keeping up such an awesome prompt from week to week.

Here’s my entry for WISHES:


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Opportunities had presented themselves to Nandi for quite a while, slipping in at unexpected moments while she kept her chin up, kept moving, kept doing what she was told, kept her faith. That she was had lost faith in her situation, and everyone around her, a long time ago – this truth she kept to herself. One wrong move, and all she’d worked for would evaporate – as quickly as her passport had disappeared the day she set foot on American soil.

It had taken her a year and four months to find out who had her passport, and another three months of careful maneuvering (and no shortage of daily pains, inward and outward), to discover where it was kept.

No one to believe in but me, she told herself as she walked the long basement corridor, and I will grant myself this.