Happy October! It is a new month, a new season, and I am so. very. glad. it is here.

Life in my world has taken some interesting turns lately, including a drastic shift in family dynamics (all good – just new, and adventurous!), shifts in workload, and all the rest. For some reason, the advent of Autumn brings a whirlwind of change anyway, and this year is definitely not an exception.

Heap on that the fact that I have been working to get Memento Mori ready for the editor, and what I’m left with is a big ol’ scoop of CRAZY.

Result: The VisDare did not post this week. I apologize to my regular VisDare gurus, but I found myself at a triage moment with time, resources, etc and had to make a decision.

Decision: I spent those stolen moments of writing time on my nearly-fully-edited 7th draft of Memento Mori. I did this for 3 reasons:

1.  I was short on time and needed to make my deadline.

2.  I want Memento Mori off my plate before tackling NaNoWriMo again this year.

3.  I felt the need to create more “real” posts for this blog – beginning with this one.

7571b7e4c0528435aa248f90296e1c68 Not exactly a teaser for Memento Mori, but the atmosphere is about right.

Memento Mori took me on quite the journey these past 27 months. Started as an off-the-cuff flash fiction entry, it quickly morphed into something MUCH larger. It has been completely rewritten five times, and heavily edited/reworked twice. I have a hunch that when the editor finishes with it, it will need yet another facelift…or at least another round of edits.

Then maybe…just maybe…I can take that next step. I can draft queries for agents. Maybe even send some out. I’ve already got a shortlist of agents I’m following on Twitter, to see if they would be a potential “fit” for myself, and my work. It’s exciting, even though I am not on the publishing radar yet.

The deadline for having the edited manuscript to my editor is the end of next week (hold me accountable to that, OK?). This means that the next several days are going to be very busy, on top of the usual life/family/work/church dance.


What does this mean for you, and the VisDare community?

1. The VisDare will return November 5th, with the first of my traditional Triple VisDare Challenge, in honor of NaNoWriMo.

2. At the end of November, the VisDare will then go on hiatus till January 14th, to allow me time to line up VisDare challenges for the 2015 calendar year.

3. More than that – though this may not please you as much as it does me – I’ll have the opportunity to schedule more “real” blog posts again.

Honestly, I think I’m way overdue.

What about you? Where are YOU in your creative process?

Drop by the comments and let me know!