It’s almost Halloween, and almost November 1st, which means we must talk about the most beautiful monster of them all: NaNoWriMo.

Or specifically: what this blog does in honor of NaNoWriMo every year: a Triple Visual Dare – every Tuesday midnight for the whole month of November.

VisDare 48: Beneath
VisDare 46: Silhouette


VisDare 71: Ephemera

A sampling of VisDare challenges from the past year. We go for the quirky around here.

If you’re new to this blog – especially if you’ve found me in the past month or so – you may not yet be acquainted with this weekly challenge that I’ve been hosting on my blog for roughly two years. There’s a tab at the top of the page dedicated to this topic (complete with a nifty banner to showcase on your blog when you participate!), but I will give you the skinny right here:

The VisDare…

* …is a flash fiction challenge

*  …uses a black-and-white photo each week

* …challenges writers to tell a story from that photo

*…challenges writers to tell that story in 150 words or less

No judges accompany this challenge. It’s purely for fun and personal growth as a writer. Sometimes it becomes the springboard into something bigger. A few VisDare regulars have spawned entire novels off a single VisDare entry.

I love success stories like that.


Where will the VisDare take YOU?

The Triple Visual Dare is different, however, in that it takes THREE black and white photos (each with credit given where credit is due, for those who are wondering) and challenges the writer – whether they are participating in NaNo or not – to involve ALL of them in their VisDare entry.

The Triple VisDare…

     *  involves three photographs

     * has an extended word limit of 300 words

     * is not limited to NaNoWriMo participants – anyone is free to join

     * can be incorporated into your NaNo WIP (work-in-progress)….or not


The VisDare has its eye on YOU…

Like the usual Visual Dare, the #3VisD (<— LOOKY! A Twitter hashtag to look out for…) is up for a week, with no judges, and if you don’t have a blog you can post the entry in the comments PROVIDED that it doesn’t exceed 300 words (just for scrolling and easy reading’s sake, k?).

As usual, we try to keep it PG for the young and/or young-at-heart writers trying their wings among us.

As usual, there will be a linky widget thingamawhatchit to link into from your blog (if you have one).

AND as usual….there will certainly be an amazing array of stories that spring from the photos offered here.

First 3VisD goes up next Tuesday midnight (EST) on November 4th!

Will we see you there?