The 2015 VisDares are coming. Are you ready?

A good part of my “radio silence” during November and December 2014 was spent lining up Visual Dare prompts for the 2015 year. What this means is that next Tuesday midnight, on January 14, the weekly Visual Dare will return! Not only that, but I have taken into careful consideration the feedback from my VisDare regulars about what works best for the challenge.

During the later months of 2014, I received a lot of great insight from my writing family through blog comments, texts, and even face-to-face conversations, including the following:

“A prompt needs to be a tipping point, not a shoehorn; it should be a downward grade, not an obstacle course. Too many rules, too many obligations, too many ‘bases’ to cover, and the writer feels like they’re trying to solve a puzzle rather than write something creatively.” - David
“I, much like David, like a good photo, and one word prompt to help inspire me, more than that and I tend to get turned off…I find black and white, and everyday people shots not good for me personally, unless one person is doing something interesting/unique.” - Miranda
“I found the B&W particularly intriguing.. you have a knack for choosing intriguing picture…If the picture is open to tell many possible stories I think it is easier.” - Bjorn



What this means for the 2015 Challenges

#1: The essentials have NOT changed.

* Word length = 150 words
* Time in which to submit your entry = 1 week
* General rules on content, etc = see the Visual Dare page

#2: I have become more deliberate in how I select the VisDare photos.

* I want bold, well framed photographs that raise more questions than they answer.

* I seek black-and-white photos for the freedom they give in imagining the colors, textures etc that pervade the moment.

* I want reliable links so that I can give credit where credit is due as much as possible for the original photograph.

Some ambiguous photos I would’ve selected in the past I now pass over. Hopefully this means a more challenging and fulfilling writing adventure for whomever takes up the gauntlet.


My personal challenge to you this year is to write more, in whatever capacity you feel matches your “voice” – whether that is



poetry (rhyming or free verse),




short stories,


song lyrics

….or wherever the muses lead you.



Write on – no matter where or how. Inauspicious beginnings are often the best.

Hopefully the VisDare challenge will be a part of your 2015 writing endeavors. I would love to see the VisDare Writing Family expand its boundaries, both in numbers and in writing prowess. Several VisDare regulars have written entire manuscripts that began with a single VisDare prompt. I would love to see that phenomena multiply itself through new ranks of writers, one writing challenge at a time.

Let me know if you plan to join the VisDare challenge this year, even if only occasionally. I would love to keep track of your creative endeavors. If you would, shoot me a quick reply in the comments, and PLEASE – if you have one – include your Twitter handle so that I can tweet SOs to you guys now and then. I may not always be able to write detailed comments to each entry, but I do love to promote my VisDare family on Twitter whenever possible.

Keep on writing!