It’s almost time for another month – so here are a few follow-ups, observations, and shout-outs as January shuffles off its mortal coil:


Thanks to everyone who connected with their online writing community by sharing the first two installments of the Writing Family series. The number of tweets, retweets, reblogs, shares, and comments (not to mention people cross-mentioning the interviews on Facebook and Google+) blew me away.

More interviews with the Writing Family are coming your way in February! If you  missed the first two, be sure to check them out:

Writing and Homesteading, with Marissa Ames

Short Fiction and the Indie Writer, with Jo-Anne Teal


The VisDare returned on 1/14/15 and it’s been wonderful to see so many returning writers – and new ones, too! (Well, new to me.) Shout-outs and High Fives to Bjorn, Eric Martell, Miranda Kate, Honoré, Lisa Yow-Williams, Claire Piquette, David Blackstone, Jo-Anne Teal, Vanessa Lester, Mike Jackson, Allison Deluca, and Stephanie Banks for some great entries!


Thanks to my beta readers, I will embark on the 8th round of edits for Memento Mori in late April. YOU GUYS ROCK. (You know who you are…)

I purchased a Roku this week and plan to join the ranks of TV series watchers after a 20+ year hiatus. Any recommendations of “must-see pre-recorded TV?”

I get to visit Savannah later this year on business, and will actually have extra time to spend there. Anyone got a recommendation of a great hole-in-the-wall coffeeshop where I can support local business, and get some writing accomplished? …..Or “must see” historic spots. Those would be nice, too.


That’s all for now! Don’t forget to check out Marissa and Jo-Anne’s interviews – not to mention all the VisDare writers! I would recommend a blog follow and a Twitter follow for each and every one. 😀

See you in February!!