O my goodness. You guys blow me away with your brilliance.

Last week’s VisDare prompt, “Reverie,” spawned the most amazing set of 150-word “snapshots” taken from the one photo of a trumpeter. He was a survivor, rising from the ashes. A musician, sinking into the rubble of a violent neighborhood. A last goodbye. A daring photographer. An accidental savior. A touchstone for a time traveler.

I see all those stories in him. His photo fits each tale, and each tale fits him.

And now it’s April First. A new month, a new mid-week challenge.

It’s also April Fool’s. PLUS a couple of my regular VisDare writers tell me they’re doing Camp NaNoWriMo this year (starts April 1st!), and they may just take a recent VisDare prompt and run with it for their new project.

I heard them say this, and I thought: Challenge accepted.

So here’s your new VisDare challenge. Granted, it’s color – a rarity, as I usually stick only to black-and-whites – but it’s monochromatic enough, and weird enough, that I just HAD to use it.

So here you go. People new to the VisDare challenge should check out the Visual Dare tab at the top of the page. Good luck, and happy writing!



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