The Pirate House – Savannah, GA

Thanks to everyone for hanging in there with me these past few weeks as my blog and social media activity has dwindled to almost zero. Multiple sicknesses and surgeries (family members, not me) plus the inter-layered obligations of multiple jobs has had me hopping!

Not all of it has been in survival mode, however. Among the happier moments:

– attending a conference in historic Savannah, GA

– dining at the Pirate House in Savannah – wicked good food and fun

– hiking a couple trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

– visiting the Biltmore House

– welcoming a new nephew into the family (SO CUTE!)

– preparing for our school production of Macbeth (I’m the set/prop teacher)


Also got to teach Eldest Nephew a thing or two about doing pottery on the wheel.

But just in case you were wondering…we ARE getting back to our regularly scheduled VisDare challenges starting tonight! Also there is another Writing Family on the horizon, from the lovely mind behind Nine Muse Press, Anna Meade.

So be on the lookout! Only about 9 hours until the next VisDare goes live. It is NOT on hiatus, and I am NOT going away. No radio silence here!

Thanks again to everyone – and especially my VisDare Troupe for rolling with the punches and hanging with your writing families. Keep on creating! (And I’ll see you tonight!)