I’ve been hiding waaaaay over here.

Can’t see me? Good.

Wait…no…not so good….

Reality Check #487: These edits of Memento Mori are kicking my TAIL.

Not that I expected any less when I started out on this writing journey. But it’s a different thing to be down in the trenches, with the story in your brain and the story on paper going completely sideways to each other. When you’ve given yourself deadlines, and actually told people to hold you accountable to those deadlines. (What was I thinking?!? Oh yeah…I want to be finished with this, someday…)

Then, you know – life and stuff. It has a way of not stopping.

And the adulting thing sucks a lot of times. Not always, but usually the suckage comes at the most inconvenient moments.

But it’s got to get finished. Welsan and Jada, Casper and Gallows – they now have too many fans (Eek! Can I call them that?) pestering me for sequels, let alone a completed, polished draft.

But you know half the reason I’m dragging my feet here?

I’m terrified.

Because I know what comes next. What follows is the querying stage, or the self-publishing stage, depending on your take on such things. For me, it will be a query letter, a long-overdue kept promise to my twelve-year-old self, to try and “get published” the traditional way, warts and all.

And putting myself out there is scary. So it’s easier to just “not finish,” y’know?

Thank goodness for my beta readers. And my parents. And my writer’s groups – both the online and the in-town ones. They are all hugely valuable. And they’re not letting me leave Memento Mori alone.

That’s my confession, dear readers; and now — my request:

Bug the snot out of me on this, won’t you? Because if I don’t try I won’t know. And I’m too close to give up now.

But boy, do I need some cheerleaders between here and the finish line.

Let’s say….June 6th? Yes? Okay. Thanks.

*cowers under the covers*

*nervously gets back to her manuscript*