This is a fraction of what usually goes in my car on any give workday. Except the umbrella stand, of course.

Turtles are pretty awesome. 

They are the world’s globetrotting hermits. They carry their homes on their backs, and yet live in them while they carry them. They know to pace themselves. They’re vegetarian. Patient. Have the most amazing single-minded focus. They know when to hide in plain sight and when to put their neck out there and MOVE.

The downside? Not great on speed. Also, there’s that whole getting-flipped-over problem. Once you’re on your back, you’re pretty much toast unless some other creature has pity on you.

I’ve been turtle-ing lately — or trying to. Trying to be patient. Pace myself. Hide from social media when quiet, paperwork-y things ought to get done. Haul ass when things need to happen now. Staying focused. All that good jazz.

And hopefully, it’s about to pay off.

I have four jobs, most teaching related, so May to early June are insane for me. But I’m almost in the clear. Two more days and I’ll have a real, osh-to-gosh summer break for the first time in years. During my one glorious month off…

I plan to do pottery.

I plan to do heaps cool stuff with the nephews.

And I plan to WRITE. Till my fingers drop off.

Memento Mori is THIS CLOSE to being finished. And I have three more projects begging to take its place, plus a short story idea for an anthology. I NEED WRITING TIME.

Gotta make it happen.

Gotta pace myself.

Gotta turtle to the finish line.

Only two more days….