Hello, Summer. I am glad to see you….at last.

My poor neglected manuscript, Memento Mori, is now getting the attention it deserves. After languishing since the last round of beta-reads in December/January, I am now working to finish this puppy. Now.  Before my characters eat my brain.

Because that’s the real threat, isn’t it? That one day your imaginary friends will walk out on strike, and not come back till Doomsday, whenever that is. Or they’ll decide on different tangents when you’re not looking. Before you know it, your steampunk tale has turned into dark fantasy, or an historical paranormal urban fairy tale with chainsaw murders.

Actually, that’s not too far off my own experience. When I first began Welsan from an off-the-cuff flash fiction in June 2012 (YIKES. Three years this month!), he was originally intended to be a businessman in a suit, wandering the foggy streets of London, in a Victorian steampunkish world where harvested souls were the currency of the land.

Now, he looks more like this:


So…yeah. A lot darker than I originally intended.

But that’s okay. I think the story resonates more, has more texture, more life (even though a lot of the story, obviously, centers around death).

It’s still a long way from being finished, in the polished sense of the word. I’m sure there will be another round of edits before sending off those query letters.

But I intend to close that gap as much as possible. Now. This summer. Before my characters really DO walk out on strike.

Wish me luck. Here I go….