Here it is. The first page. Yay for Kindle formats!

So…my laptop is repaired. I got it back four days ago. And I immediately got to work.

Result: My 8th complete draft of Memento Mori was completed two days ago.

47 chapters.

103,829 words.

279 pages (in paperback, according to Scrivener).

It took just a smidge over three years to complete.

Today, I sent copies out to beta readers. I’ve celebrated with ice cream, cranberry orange muffins, and a massive nap.

I need about three more of those naps.

But mostly, I’m just proud of myself, for finishing what I started.

Is Memento Mori ready for querying? Who the heck knows. But I’ve got a great team of beta readers. They’re honest and insightful, and give solid critique. They’ll let me know if I’ve missed my mark.

But for now I’m going to sleep. And walk away from the #amwriting hashtag for a few weeks.

And wait to hear what my betas say.

Yay me.

*falls over into a deep sleep*