How do I know that school is about to begin?

My printer just died. My more-mechanical-than-digital printer. The one that works even if I DON’T have a color cartridge installed.

My printer, that’s so awesome, that I once knocked over a steaming hot cup of hot chocolate into it, and it chugged to a stop…for about two days. Then went back to printing, with only the faintest traces of chocolate smudgies around the edges.

It worked for another five years.

But tonight it didn’t recognize that paper was in the printer. Strange lights began to flash, where I never knew there were lights on it before. And then the strange grinding and crunching noises began.


Ah, well. Thank you, Chocolate Charlie. It was a good run, while it lasted. If you were a wireless printer, I might work a little harder to save you. Your ink cartridges aren’t THAT hard to find…yet.

Half an hour of all my special tricks didn’t revive your failing circuitry. And you were still acting rather erratic, so I quickly unplugged you, lest you become a fire hazard.

But I sincerely thank you for waiting till after I printed my critical-level paperwork for tomorrow before conking out on me. As a farewell gesture, that was the best.

Goodbye, Chocolate Charlie. Here’s to your successor. May he last 10+ years, and be as immune to hot, sugary drinks as you were.

….and now I need to find another printer before Thursday….*grumbles*