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Last week’s VisDare, “Voice”, garnered only six entries, but boy did those writers make their words count. The delicate, poignant, even sobering ways in which they addressed the issue of violence – particularly as it impacts children – absolutely took my breath away.

Huge shout-outs to Bren Curry, Mark Ethridge, David Blackstone, Victoria Gallagher, Jo-Anne Teal, and Lisa Shambrook for giving a voice to those who don’t have one. If you haven’t read their entries, I strongly suggest you do so (although the issue of childhood violence may be a trigger to some, so be advised):

A Voice (Curry)

I See the Violence (Ethridge)

Shallow Graves (Blackstone)

Daddy, Please Don’t (Gallagher)

Blink (Teal)

Voice (Shambrook)

This week’s photo is along a similar theme, but without the trigger warning. The curious thing about this photo is the ambiguity of the situation. It would be easy (based on the starkness of the locale) to say that the boy is trying to escape something by sleeping outside – but is he?

This photo also needs a voice – or maybe I should say, perspective. What view can you bring to the situation? You have 150 words and one week – the field is yours. You can even post more than one entry, if you like. Just give this scene life, as only you can.